5 Weird And Scary Camping Stories To Freak Out Your Friends


I have to say – you haven’t fully experienced a real camping trip with your friends until you’ve found ways to scare each other to the point of no sleep.

You know how it goes – everyone is, maybe with a beer in hand, late at night when someone suddenly tells a story “about the time when…” or the “man in the shadows”.

Next thing you know, everyone is huddled together refusing to sleep.I’ve had my fair share of weird, strange, and creepy experiences while camping, all of which I’ve shared with my friends.

But I have a trip coming up again and need to stock up on some new scary camping stories to tell them.

So if you’re here for the same reason, or simply to give yourself a little scare before going to bed tonight, here are a few of the strangest and creepiest things I’ve read and heard about, or have been told to me.


Apparently, someone had drawn the words “per audacia ad ignotum” on the snow in a forest in the middle of nowhere. There were no footprints nearby, just that inscription. Translated, it means, “through audacity towards the unknown” in Latin.

It kind of brings to mind the famous quote from Star Trek the original TV series, “boldly go where no one has gone before”. Are Captain Kirk and Scotty playing a prank on us? Did Captain Kirk ask Scotty to beam him up so no footprints would be left behind? Not scary – but really strange.


I found this story about a man who took his young kids to a cave in a forest near his house. It’s a cave that you can walk through to the exit. This time, though, they couldn’t go out through the exit because it was too muddy, so they decided to turn back and leave the cave through the entrance.

Halfway back, they saw a lit candle that was mounted on the ground about 8 feet up on one side of the cave. The candle was strange because he said that it was not there when they walked by the first time. It wasn’t a very popular cave and people don’t go there often.

It must have been kind of creepy to think that someone may have been there lurking in the dark the whole time.


There were these friends who came across rocks in the woods that were built into something that looked like a platform. They didn’t think about it until later that year, the police arrested a man suspected of murdering backpackers who had mysteriously disappeared over the past few years.

They said that in the sites of some of those murders, there were those stone platforms that the friends had previously seen during their hike. They learned that those platforms were no more than 300 yards of the victims who were put into shallow graves by the murder.

Although, police said that those rocky platforms had nothing to do with the murders. We’ll never really know, though. And if they really weren’t related to the murders, what were they for?


This one is a classic scary campfire story that you can tell your friends if they haven’t heard of it before.

There was a young girl who spent a lot of nights at home alone because her parents were always away working, so they gave her a dog as a companion. Every time before she sleeps, she hangs her arms off the side of her bed so her dog can lick it good night from under the bed.

One night, she woke up from the sound of something dripping, so she goes into her bathroom to tightly turn off the faucet. She goes back to bed and hangs her hands out again under the bed and her dog licks it.

After a few hours, she wakes up once again to the dripping sound so she goes to the kitchen and tightly turns off the faucet there, and once again returns to her bed, hands her arms out of the bed and her dog licks it again.

But the dripping kept going so she went all over the house to turn off all faucets but it wouldn’t stop. Drip. Drip. Drip. So she listens carefully and tries to follow the dripping sound. She realizes it was coming from her closet. She opened the door, only to find her poor dog hanging upside down with his neck cut. Written inside her closet were the words, “humans can lick too.”



This is another story you can tell your friends.

A woman was driving her car alone one night on the way home. She looked in her rearview and saw a car who was behind her who signaled to overtake but then swerved back and began to tailgate the woman dangerously close and would flash his lights.

The woman was getting a bit nervous but didn’t think too much about it. It continued for a few miles where every so often, the car behind would flash his light and stick really close to the car.

She started to panic but she was almost home but the car continued to follow her. She drove into her driveway and the car parked right behind her. She thought that her only chance would be to dart into her house and call the police. So she jumps out of the car and so does the man in the car behind her.

To her surprise, the man begins to shout, “get inside the house! Call 911!!”

It turns out, the man driving the car had seen a shadowy figure in the woman’s backseat holding a knife and every time he would flash his light, he would duck down and hide.


It that doesn’t creep you and your friends out, I don’t know what will. It seems as though the woods are filled with so many strange and creepy things that it will be hard not to get carried away and tell all kinds of scary stories around the campfire.

Those are only five strange stories that you can share. If you know more, or if anything weird and scary has happened to you, I’d love to hear about it so leave them in the comments below. Help me scare my friends on our next hike and hopefully I was able to do the same for you!


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