Survival Tips

5 Simple Steps To Survive With Magnesium Fire Starter


Camping is not complete without a nice, warm campfire to gather around and share stories or roast some s’mores. Or sometimes, a campfire may be extremely vital for survival when you are going on a type of ‘jungle adventure’ out in the woods somewhere or during a long trek up some mountains.

Fall For These 50 Degree Weather Outfits To Keep You Warm

Girl wrapping in warm blanket outdoor, hiking in mountains, bad

Have you noticed that it is starting to get cold outside? That’s because autumn is here and winter is near, so it’s time to dig through your closet for your “clothes to survive the cold”. While it may not be as cold as actual wintertime, it can get pretty chilly, so it is important to know what to wear in 50 degree weather so you feel warm and cozy when you go out.

The last time I tried to go out during this chilly weather without any protection, I ended up with a cold for a week.

Winter Is Coming: Do Snakes Hibernate?

Snakes are rather interesting creatures that come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and patterns and are found all over the world. They can live in the forests, in the deserts, in caves, in mountains, in meadows, and even in water. They can basically live in all sorts of terrain and climates.

Although, when it comes to snakes and climate, there is a question that sometimes comes up, especially now during the colder months and now that “winter is coming”, and that is, do snakes hibernate like their furry friends?