Outdoor Foods

Find out and save the list of outdoor foods that we believe raise everyone up during your journey.

Are Freshwater Clams Edible or Are They Toxic

Nature is filled with an abundance of food sources for whenever you’re in the great outdoors. However, the problem is that there are certain plants or animals that you cannot eat because they aren’t edible or possibly even poisonous.


How Long, Deer ? – How Long To Dehydrate Deer Jerky

Jerky is high up on the list of favorite foods that campers and hikers like to bring on their adventures. This is because it is lightweight, easy to find or prepare, and quick to eat while having many different types and flavor varieties to fit your specific taste. It is
how to Dehydrate Chicken

5 Easy And Painless Steps How To Dehydrate Chicken

Dehydrated food is a great way to bring all the food you need on a camping or hiking trip, without the need to bring a cooker – all you’ll really need is a source of water. But one of the best things about dehydrated food is that you can do

Best Freeze Dried Foods For Your 2017 Hiking Trips

Eating while you are out camping or hiking can be quite difficult – I mean, not everyone is able to pack a portable cooker all the time and not all campsites have public cooking areas that you can use. That’s why sometimes, freeze dried foods can come to your rescue.

The Musical Fruit For Camping: Dehydrated Refried Beans

Beans, beans, the musical fruit; the more you eat, the more you – you probably already know the rest. Even though beans may not be a favored food among many people, it is definitely a staple food when it comes to camping and hiking. So don’t walk past that pack
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3 Simple Ways To Preserve Meat In The Wild

Storing and preserving meats can be a tricky task especially when it comes to spending time out in the wild during a camping trip. This is why learning how to preserve meat in the wild is a good skill to have either for those going on a long camping trip