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How Should Chacos Fit ? (And Are They Worth It?)


People have preferences – it’s what gives us our character, our personality, and our style. This is the same when it comes to hiking footwear. Hikers often have their own personal reasons why they choose the type of footwear they want, whether it’s regular hiking shoes, boots, or even chacos.

Five Best Hiking Movies You Need To Watch

best hiking movies

There is something so amazing about movies and how sometimes they can shake you down to the core or inspire you to follow in the footsteps of those characters on screen. This is especially true for movies about hiking or outdoor adventures. One of the things that get me inspired and motivated to get outside and go on an adventure are movies. A lot of the times, hiking movies are based on true stories with some pretty important lessons about hiking.

How To Start Hiking – Get Ready To Discover a New World

how to start hiking

From the dictionary, hiking is an activity of going for long walks in the countryside. Or if you read from some magazine or see in the movie, you might think hiking is walking through impressive mountains or canyons for weeks with huge packs on your back.  Don’t let that scare you!

Easy As 1, 2, 3: The Simple Way How To Use Trekking Poles

Hiking can be quite difficult sometimes, requiring a great deal of physical effort from you to conquer the pain in your legs to go up that mountain. While hiking is mostly done through the effort of your legs, on the other side of the spectrum you can turn your hike into a full-body workout.

Burn, Baby, Burn: How Many Calories Does Hiking Burn?


Calories, calories, calories – it seems to be something you constantly hear in reference to weight loss and exercise. People have gotten more and more conscious about their health and fitness, choosing to become members in gyms or take fitness classes to get to their desired weight or level of health and fitness.

15 Awesome And Active Dogs To Hike With

best dogs for hiking

One of the most amazing things you can ever experience is going out on the trail with man’s four-legged, furry best friend. I’ve gone hiking with my furry pal countless times and those hikes have always been my favorites. Dogs can be a great hiking companion, as long as you pick the right one for you.