Drinks Around The Camfire ? Yes Please.


Going out into the great outdoors and camping with your buddies is a great way to enjoy, relax and unwind from a stressful week at work. Nothing beats the quiet of the forest, the clean crisp air of land away from the city, and the ability to enjoy some quality time with your friends without technology getting in the way – at least, if you choose it to be a “no-phones” camping trip.

But of course, to make things a bit more fun during the trip, you can switch your phones for alcohol and play some camping drinking games instead. There are a lot to choose from and can be loads of fun during your camping trip.

Most Likely

The first thing to do is for everyone to sit around in a circle. Then one at a time, a player will ask a “most likely” question, such as “who is most likely to get married first” or “who would most likely fart and try to blame someone else” – the more random and bizarre the questions, the better.

Then, on the count of three, everyone points to whoever they think that person “most likely” would be and then you have to take a shot or a drink for every person pointing at you. If no one’s pointing at you, you’re safe but if for example 6 people think you’d most likely fart and blame someone else, then you have to take 6 shots.

Sip, Sip, Shot

This is a twist to a classic camping game, “Duck, Duck, Goose”. Everyone sits in a circle and one player goes around tapping each player on the head while saying “Sip”. Every tapped player has to take a sip until the one player going around says “Shot”.

The person he says “shot” to has to stand up and try to catch the first player around the circle before the first player reaches the spot that the chaser was sitting in.

If he catches the first player, the first player has to take a shot and the chaser now becomes the one tapping people on the head. If the chaser fails to catch the first player, however, the chaser will have to take a shot.


For this game, everyone sits around a table that is full of shots. All the players have to look down with their head on the table. On the count of three, everyone has to look up and look at a person. If the person you are looking at isn’t looking at you, you’re safe and you don’t have to take a shot.

However if the person you’re looking at is also looking at you, you have to shout “medusa”. The person who says it second has to take a shot. Then you keep going until all the shots in the table are no more. Of course, you can also do this around the campfire and just put your heads down on your lap.

Three friends camping with fire on mountain at sunset
Three friends camping with fire on mountain at sunset

No Laughing

Everyone writes sentences on a piece of paper. The sentences should be very funny, ridiculous or highly inappropriate that it will be difficult to read out lout or hear without laughing or keeping a straight face.

All of you fold up the paper and put in in a jar or bowl. Then one by one, each player has to draw a piece of paper and try to read out whatever is written without laughing or even smiling. If that person laughs or smiles, they have to take a shot or a drink.

Never Have I Ever

This one is a classic and is simple to play. Each player will take a turn to say something they have never done, for example “never have I ever ridden a horse”. The rest of the players will have to drink or not drink depending on whether they have done that activity or not.

So if for example, a player says they have never ridden a horse, and you also have never ridden a horse, you don’t take a shot.

But if you HAVE ridden a horse, you must take a shot. This game is fun as it will get some truths out of people and get people to admit all kinds of things. You all just have to agree that everyone will be honest or else the game will be no fun.


This game is quite simple and is perfect for those good at math. But for the rest of you, it will probably result in getting drunk. Everyone sits in a circle and simply begins to count off, starting from one. The only catch is that you must say the word “buzz”, instead of these specific numbers:

  • Any number with a seven: 7, 17, 27, 37…
  • Double numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44….
  • Multiples of seven: 7, 14, 21, 28…

Of course, you can change the rules or what type of numbers you have to say “buzz” too instead of those mentioned. If a person messes up, they take a shot and you start over.

I’m Going Camping

In this game, each player will take a turn being the “leader” where they think of a location in their mind but they must not reveal it to the others.

kermit-1651615_1280For example, you’re the leader and you pick ‘the beach’. You start the game off by saying, “I’m going camping, and I’m taking a swimsuit”. Since you chose “beach”, you must give a clue by saying something that you would actually take to the beach. So if it’s “school” for example, you might say “books”, or if its “strip club”, you might say “dollar bills”.

The next person will have to continue by saying what they think is related to what you just said. So for the beach example, they can say something like “I’m going camping and I’m taking a towel”. This continues on. If a player says an item that you wouldn’t bring to the location you chose, then you must tell them to take a shot.

The players can guess the location at any time during the game and once they guess, you take a shot and it will be the next person’s turn. If no one guesses the location you chose by a certain amount of rounds that you agree upon, (for example, 1 round if there are many of you or 2 if there’s only a few of you), then everyone else has to take a shot.

Chances are you will most likely get drunk if you play these games. They can be really fun especially if you are out camping with a lot of your friends. The saying goes, after all, “the more, the merrier”.

Just remember to brink a lot of alcohol so you don’t run out in the middle of the game but also try to stay responsible. If possible, make sure at least one person will not drink in excess so that they can make sure that nothing crazy happens to any of you, especially if you’re camping somewhere more deserted or far away from civilization or with possible dangers around the corner.

If you are planning on going camping with your friends and you guys plan to make it a drinking one, pick a safe campground just to make sure that everything will go off without a hitch. And just remember, enjoy while your trip lasts!

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