All About Camping

Camping is a popularly recreational and outdoor activity that campers will stay overnight away from home in a prepared shelter, for example, a motorhome, a caravan, or a tent.

In general, participants will leave urban areas and spend their time in somewhere that is close to nature looking for enjoyment that outdoor activities could bring to them.

To be called as a camper, you will need to spend at least one night outdoor! This rule is used to distinguish between camping and other short recreational activities, for instance, having a picnic, day-tripping and so on.

Luxury, sometimes, could be an element like African safaris at the beginning of the 20th century. The difference here is that they included accommodations with fully equipped structures like luxury sporting camps.

Camping had gained popularity among elites at the beginning of the previous century. Since then, it has grown with variety as well as democracy. Now, modern campers are often owners of natural areas like state and national parks, commercial campgrounds, or wilderness areas.

Camping, now, has played an important role in the majority of youth organizations over the world to teach the young generation teamwork and self-reliance.

Why should you go camping?

A large number of people decide to go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want an adventure. However, you might realize that camping could help you not only stay away from your stressful life but also maintain and improve a better health.

#1. Fresh Air

You all think that the first breath at the campground is full of fresh air? You are releasing serotonin from the additional oxygen that will reduce the strain. Recent research proved that living outdoors like this, sometimes, improves digestion, control the blood pressure, and enhance the immune system thanks to fewer pollutants and extra oxygen.

#2. Your mood is improved

Spending your time outdoors to sink into the sunlight could control and manage the melatonin levels in the brain. It is a substance that evokes the feeling of tiredness and depression as well. Hence, you will get a better mood both during and after the trip.

#3. Being social

It will have better fun and bring you totally different experience if you go camping with your family or close friends instead of going alone. And that is a good way to strengthen your relationships between you and your loved ones.

#4. Doing exercises

Please remember that a camping trip requires participants to do a lot of physical activities instead of sitting down and spend the day sunbathing. Do cardiovascular exercises will give you a healthier lung and heart.

Different types of camping

The very first step to having a good and unforgettable camping is to decide which kind of camping you want to go. There are a few types of camping from roughing in the mountain to sleeping in the trailer. It all depends on your preference to pick one style. The main popular kinds are tent camping, recreational vehicle camping, and wilderness camping.


Tent Camping

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RV Camping

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Hammock Camping

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Camping tips for different campers

Camping is for everyone, and there is no age limit. You could have a camping trip alone to stay away from external distractions. However, you could go camping with your beloved ones like your family members, your best friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend to foster the relationship by experiencing things together.

Camping Activities

Apart from physical activities, camping brings you a good chance to sit next to each other and do something interesting like playing some games at midnight.

Drink Games

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Scary Camping Stories

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Games for Adults

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Food & Campfire Recipes

It could say that campfire is the most expected part of a camping trip as it brings people together and chances to talk, to get to know more about each other and to have a lot of fun. To have great outdoors, why don’t you prepare some recipes because cooking time often brings people happiness.

Camping Equipment

You will not want to cry in the middle of your journey because you forget to bring essentials. Therefore, do not let them ruin your camping trip. Make a proper preparation right now!

Bonus: Survival Skills

Life is full of unexpected things, so instead of avoiding it, you must learn how to deal with it, especially if you want to have a real camping trip.