5 Best Places To Camp In Colorado

Colorado Twin Lakes

Choosing a campsite to spend some time with folks or alone, where you get to experience solitude and the refreshing joy that nature brings can be an overwhelming decision especially when a place like Colorado is involved. This is because the place itself is surrounded by many campsites which all represent nature in its true essence.

As a camper, you will want somewhere fairly distant from the buzzy city noise where you can relax and feel the wonderful endowment of earth and nature.

Due to the enormous campground in the area, we have decided to make your journey less stressful by picking out 5 campsites we believe will make any list of best campsites in Colorado.


Jones Pass Road is a good destination if you are looking for a campsite that that is a little dense with campers. Technically there aren’t many campers that frequents the place which makes it look dispersed most of the time, as a result the atmosphere is usually tranquil.

Although the area is exposed to wind and sea, you will still find it to be one of the most interesting campsites in Colorado.


Because of its distributed nature, the first impression most first timers get when they visit Jones Pass Road is that the place is not well sheltered. Although this conception is completely understandable owing to the way the campsite is structured but it remains one of the few places you will find solitude in Colorado.

Unlike many backcountry campsites, you can easily navigate Jones Pass Road by your car. When approaching the site from Denver, you will need to travel a distance 53.5 miles which is approximately 75 minutes on the road.

The main site is very close to Henderson mine which is located on the road to Winter Park. Jones Pass is populated with many green trees on a high landscape with a very calm river within which is surrounded with clay earth, the sites offers a lot of comfort from nature.

A small space adorned with Aspen trees is provided for parking cars and other vehicles. You will find the distant Mountain View very beautify and naturally delightful. You will also be able to catch a scenic view of the historic St. Mary’s Glacier.

Although, this particular campsite has been underrated by many, it still remains of the best facets of nature still in existence.

Bassam Guardstation Cabin

Bassam Guardstation Cabin is probably one of the distant campsites around Denver. You will need to cover a distance of 121 miles which means you may be on the road for more than 130 minutes.

But what more would you expect from a typical campsite; like they say, the farther it is, the wilder it gets…never mind, that is part of our own collection of camping quotes. Nevertheless you would agree that the best camping should be done in the wilderness, which in this case is the Colorado wilderness.


At least you can pitch up your own tent and enjoy the beautiful landscape in its natural state. Covered with extensible green trees positioned with the low profile hills, Bassam Guardstation Cabin can offer you the forest experience you need to immerse yourself in nature.

You will find enjoy the smooth subtle sound of the low profile running waters with multitudes of trees and some wild flowers well positioned on the meadows giving a spectacular view.

No doubt, this campsite is rustic considering it’s geography, however you will still find the place very cool and comforting. Situated outside Buena Vista, Bassam Guardstation cabin is not merely a campsite but a place to relax and get away from all the hassle of city life.

The campground has been around for a really long time. As far as we can remember, Bassam was formely established for camping in 1911 when it was first in the custody of forest guard. Some of the amenties currently provided in the area include beds, chairs, hand pumps, and propane tank. You will also be allowed to accommodate friends if you wish to.

Goose Creek Campground


Whenever the Goose Creek Campground is mentioned, the next thing that comes to mind is the Hayman fire incident. The fire incident which occurred in 2002 was a very big disaster and left only Goose Creek campsite as the only camping ground in the southeast region of Denver.

Although you will still see some of the remains of the fire incident, the campsite is still one of the best places to be. It is obvious the fire was not able to take away the natural endowments of the area. You can find a good spot to relieve yourself of life’s troubles and enjoy a little of what nature offers.

It is expected that Goose Creek will lose some of the forest features of a “perfect” camping ground but you will still get to experience a solemn time in a very refreshing atmosphere.

Though there are some burned trees in the area as evidence of the fire incident but they are not all that drab. One can still get to feel the bloom of nature in Goose Creek especially with the flowers that are found everywhere on the meadows and valleys during summer and spring.

There are many campers that frequent the area every week, and new visitors are always trooping in, so you have to make it on time (preferably before midweek) in order to get a good spot to spend the weekend. This is just to let you know how popular and fascinating the campsite is.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If there is any place that offers an almost inexhaustible list of campsites in Colorado, United States, then it is Rock Mountain National Park. You will have a hard time selecting a particular spot to peach your tent.

Currently, there are more than two hundred campsites that can be found in the park, so choosing one from the long list will be based on your own preference.

All the spots have some amazing views coupled with natural endowments. Among the long list of campsites, Backcountry Rangers believes that Arch Rock, Glacier Gorge and Longs Peak are the most preferred sites.

mountain-1151179_640Glacier Gorge is located on the east side of the campground. It is surrounded by two lakes, the Black Lake and the Mills Lake. It happens to be one of the most visited campsites in the region. You will get a lot of picturesque views of meadows and mountain peaks in strategic positions. The scenery and position of Glacier George makes it one of the most isolated places in Rock Mountain National park.

Arch Rock is especially suitable for campers who want a have a hassle free camping experience. The campsite is located just 1 mile from the Arch Rock trailhead. The path to the campsite from the trailhead is plane and the major object is a little deep pool of fresh water supplied from a river over an outcrop. The pool itself is so cold that no one ever dares to swim in it.

Another delight for nature enthusiast is the Longs Peak campsite which can be accessed through a trail or by hiking. There are other wonderful spots in the park but the 3 we have mentioned so far should be a perfect start.


Most times when we hear about Saddlehorn, the next thing that comes to our mind is the Colorado National Monument. If you are a lover of nature, then you should take interest in this particular campground.

The road to Saddlehorn is a contoured and woody. Close to the Colorado National Monument is the Devils Canyon Learning Centre. You will be amazed at the panoramic views of the campground.

The gorgeous meadows and valleys with trees as if there were perfectly sketched and placed in their position by the Creator. No wonder it is a place of unimaginable beauty. In fact you wouldn’t have felt nature in her glory until you have made a visit to this Colorado Desert.

The Colorado National Monument formally became a campground in 1911. The land area extends up to twenty thousand acres and it features some of the best wonders of nature.

The most significant ones are the red sandstone spires and sheer canyons. Apart from the beautiful geography of the area, you will also get to experience wildlife in some measure.

Some of the common sights are the mule deer, eagles and sheep. If lucky, you may even get to see lions on the mountain tops, however this rarely happens.

The basic facility available on the campsite include toilets, sinks, drinking water and a place for making fire; typically a charcoal grill.


Colorado has always been a place with rich wilderness experience. It is one of the few places in U.S where one can really experience nature and spend some time in solitude. There are definitely other campsites in the “Colorado wilderness” but the ones we have mentioned so far are some of the best you can find away from Denver. Mind you this list is bound to change in the nearest future because the best campsites in Colorado is bigger than a 5 list article.

Instead of going through an extensive list of campsites in Colorado or getting confused from the numerous result when you make a Google query, why not start with the list above.

We assure you, this one’s are no ordinary campsites. They all contain the basic necessity of any camping site; water supply and very nice spots to host your tent. A visit to one of them will not only get you away from the civilization but will also grant you the scenery and solemn atmosphere you need to get back on track.


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