May 2017


Reaching San Bernardino Peak

Today, we head out to California once more to the San Bernardino Peak in Angelus oaks. It is a tough but highly rewarding hike that you can take if you are in California. California is known for its many mountains, backcountry hiking trails, theme parks, coastal cities, and of course, its crystal blue beaches.

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Outdoor Gears

What Is The Best Dog Backpack For My Furry Pal?

Choosing the Best Dog Backpack For Hiking
Chances are, you clicked this article because you want to go on an adventure with your four-legged pal and you’re looking for a pack your pup can carry that’s  full of his own supplies.

When you spend time outdoors, you need to have a supply of food, water, and other equipment you may need. This is the same for your dog. The great thing about a dog backpack or saddle is that you can place your dog’s items inside, or maybe even some of your own small items like your phone and wallet.

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How Should Chacos Fit ? (And Are They Worth It?)


People have preferences – it’s what gives us our character, our personality, and our style. This is the same when it comes to hiking footwear. Hikers often have their own personal reasons why they choose the type of footwear they want, whether it’s regular hiking shoes, boots, or even chacos.

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