February 2017

Editors Take

Are You A Canoe Or A Kayak ?


One of the greatest pleasures of being in the great outdoors is being able to enjoy the scenery of nature while leisurely paddling out in a canoe – or is it a kayak? To some, it doesn’t matter since they are both basically the same thing; a lightweight boat that you can paddle around a body of water.

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Outdoor Foods

3 Simple Ways To Preserve Meat In The Wild

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Storing and preserving meats can be a tricky task especially when it comes to spending time out in the wild during a camping trip. This is why learning how to preserve meat in the wild is a good skill to have either for those going on a long camping trip or even for those learning how to hunt for your own food.

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Outdoor Gears

Best Assisted Opening Knives of 2017

If you’re looking for an easy to use and versatile knife, assisted opening knives are for you. These knives fall under the category of a folding, utility knives that use an internal mechanism to help you easily open up the blade with a flick of your finger. Whether you’re preparing for your next camping trip, an avid hunter, or are just looking for a handy tool to help you out around the house, an assisted opening knife is a great option.

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