September 2016

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Avoid Freezing On Your Next Camp Out And Check Out These Best Camping Heaters For Tents

Camping In Caucasus Mountains On Elbrus Landscape
Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just be one with nature. But sometimes, nature can be quite unforgiving. As much as you would want to have beautiful sunshine and a cool breeze during your camping trip, that may not always be the case.

Occasionally, it can be really hot outside and other times it could be absolutely freezing. Having just the right temperature in your tent can be the difference between a pleasant camping trip to one where you end up frozen from head to toe.

This is why looking for the best camping heaters for tents can be a great way to feel just a little bit better during your trip.

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How To Keep Warm In Your Tent

Couple tent camping in the wilderness

Anytime you leave home for another sanctuary whether it’s a wilderness or a luxurious hotel, I bet you will never feel the same level of comfort. More especially when your intended destination is a deserted cold forest. It is expected that the camping site will lack some of those amenities in your real home that can keep you warm whenever the atmosphere becomes so cold and unbearable. All you may have is just your lamp and your camping arsenal to set up a temporary sanctuary.

Thus, there is every tendency that you will have a “winter war” if you don’t keep the surrounding cold in check. You will agree with me that camping during winter has always been more difficult than other periods in the year; at least my own experience during my last winter camping has proved this to be true.

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5 Best Places To Camp In Colorado

Colorado Twin Lakes

Choosing a campsite to spend some time with folks or alone, where you get to experience solitude and the refreshing joy that nature brings can be an overwhelming decision especially when a place like Colorado is involved. This is because the place itself is surrounded by many campsites which all represent nature in its true essence.

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Can You Ride In A Travel Trailer ?

Travel Trailer Camping

Riding in a travel trailer is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Riding in a travel trailer allows one to experience the joy of the open road as well as the freedom and convenience of being within a sturdy trailer.

The basic aspect of a travel trailer is a small, strong, camper that is attached to a vehicle via hitch.  Rather than drive the travel trailer like a recreational vehicle (RV), the trailer is attached to a vehicle and parked where needed.

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13 Ridiculously Romantic Camping Ideas For Couples

Tent – people pitching tent on Iceland at dusk. Couple setting u

Grab a tent, some champagne and the love of your life and prepare yourselves for an incredibly unique and romantic camping getaway. Camping is something I really enjoy and I was lucky enough to find a partner who loves it just as much as I do.

We’ve had our fair share of some pretty romantic dates but combining the cheesy romantic stuff with camping was a stroke of genius. This is why I’ve compiled a list of 13 romantic camping ideas for couples that you can try so that you too can wear a ridiculous grin on your face all weekend all the way till you get home from your trip.

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The Art of Being a Good Camp Counselor

Being a good camo counselor

I describe being a good camp counselor as an art form.  Just imagine a master painter and all his many splendid works of art.  He has his unique style ad methods that he uses with all his paintings, yet all his paintings are different.  He approaches different canvasses with the same tools but a different plan and a different finished product for each work of art.

If you want to know how to be a good camp counselor, you have to think of it as an art form too.  Compare the painter and his many works of art to a camp counselor and the many youth that he or she impacted.  The camp counselor has the same methods and style with every kid or teen he teaches, but he approaches each kid differently.  He also has different ideas and plans for each kid.

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